Horse Age

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Date Posted: November 11th, 2018, 6:08 pm

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@gentlechaos: :( sad part ... in another chapter we will get to more positive mood ^^
Okay ouch
@NikuComics: I am sorry ^^;
So, did she not pay much attention to her foal because her original herd worked together to protect their foals, instead of it being up to the mother to do so like in this herd?
@Dreamson: Exactly ^^ You got it right! She was "spoiled" by her herd let's say. She was miracly surviving foal so everybody was tasked to keep her alive. And so Majiva grew up with a falste thought this is how herd works and other mums will take care of her foal too. That is why she was not so extraprotective about Siatra. :/